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Gentrification in Oakland


Gentrification in Oakland

We tend to talk about gentrification as one story: newcomers displace long-time residents, erasing history and disrupting culture in the process. But living through dramatic neighborhood change always brings up many stories. Those stories--from Oakland's people and places--are what this interactive is all about.

There's a lot to disagree about when it comes to gentrification. But one thing seems beyond debate. If you're new to a place, it's good to know a thing or two about its history, which is what you'll learn about here.


The Team

Oaktown is a project of Youth Radio Interactive, a production company in downtown Oakland where young people collaborate with professional developers to create dynamic stories like this one.

The Youth Team

Senay Alkebulan

Storm White

Isabella Ordaz

Donta Jackson

Maya Escobar

Eli Arbreton

Joi Smith

Kasey Saeturn

Kensha Secrease

Stella Lau

Yongshi Sun

Sayyid Abdel-Qawi

The Staff

Lo Benichou, Teresa Chin, Pendarvis Harshaw, Chaz Hubbard, Clifford Lee, Brandon McFarland, Rebecca Martin, Jocelyn Matthews, Noah Nelson, Erik Neumann, Asha Richardson, Lissa Soep, Ike Sriskandarajah and Shawn Wen.

This interactive was inspired by and adapted from Young Hahn's Shelock Holmes map.

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